Why magnum? why now?

The Magnum Automotive Group offers tremendous value in our line of high-tech Automotive Gaskets for the most popular Manifold, Valve Cover and Oil Pan applications. Magnum Gaskets feature problem-solving designs and materials, including our family of precision molded gaskets - Magnum MaxDry™, Magnum MaxDry SS™ and Magnum MaxDry STL™.

Magnum's Heavy Duty Gaskets
offer superior quality at attractive prices. Our manufacturing operations feature some of the world's largest and most efficient gasket molding presses, giving Magnum the edge in developing large format molded gaskets.

Magnum Auto Ramps have patented molded-in features that offer safety and convenience at reduced cost. Magnum Auto Care Wipes are a popular choice to clean and protect vehicles, tools and equipment. They feature convenient, informative packaging and are priced very competitively. Magnum Auto Ramps and Magnum Auto Care Wipes are available at many of North America's leading automotive and general merchandise retailers.

Now is the time to choose the finest aftermarket products in North America from the actual manufacturer… and improve your bottom line!

Building a better Manifold

Magnum Automotive Group has developed a new and improved version of the Nylon Composite Intake Manifold that fits many GM 3.8L V6 engines in front wheel drive applications. Magnum's Part No. MA40001 features our exclusive Double-Isolated™ steel sleeve design to prevent "manifold meltdown" caused by hot exhaust gaskets in the EGR passage. It comes completely pre-assembled with a new EGR valve and a more complete set of gaskets than included by the competition. For more details, see Magnum Specialty Products.

Products that Serve "Main Street"...Not "Wall Street"

I've been around cars and trucks my whole life. Many of the great brands in auto parts are now supplied by international conglomerates that bear little resemblance to the highly dedicated manufacturers who gave their names to those products. If corporate executives consider cutting corners to meet next quarter's financial targets, it can lead to tough decisions. Magnum Automotive Group is an independent business dedicated to achieving long-term success in the automotive aftermarket by combining state-of-the-art products with old fashioned dedication to quality and service. You're welcome to add your comments to my page on Facebook.