A terrific value for users and a great sales opportunity for resellers.

Magnum Auto Ramps offer super strength, up to 16,000 GVW, yet they're lightweight, rustproof and very economical. Ideal for oil changes, general maintenance and repairs. Professional Technicians and Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the patented automatic chock system that provides added convenience with many vehicles. Retailers like the easy-to-stock carton and attractive full-color, tri-lingual label which covers the the carton face and end, allowing vertical and horizontal display.

With many vehicles, after the vehicle is in position on the platform, the elevation section of the ramp can be disconnected, allowing extraordinary access beneath the vehicle. Vehicles with larger wheels and tires will use the ramps in a conventional manner. Always follow all instructions and safety warnings included with the Magnum-16,000.

Steel car ramps have always been heavy and awkward to store...and they don't take very long to get rusty. I love these new Magnum-16,000 Ramps. They're made of high-strength polypropylene that's light weight and it NEVER rusts! I can hang them on a nail in the wall when I'm not using them and they're light enough to put in the back of my SUV when i need them on the road. Be sure to check them out at your local automotive retailer or contact Magnum online.